Umicar Imagine
Team 4

Umicar Imagine <br><small><small> Team 4 </small></smal>

The 4th Solar Car, The Umicar Imagine was built in 2011 with high efficient solar cells, and an integrated concentrator system. They were the only team that hereby solved the limit of solar cells that could be placed on the vehicule. The Imagine finished 10th out of 37 participants.

This car incorperated top notch technology to enhance performance of the vehicule. It finished the kwalifications in sixth place, giving the solar car a good start in the race.

They've lost a couple positions in the first half of the competition, but managed to recapture them during the second half.

After 2600 km of driving, the Umicar Imagine encountered a technological issue. Their batteries got to hot and needed to be cooled. They lost a lot of time due to this setback. 

Eventually finishing 10th wasn't the biggest achievement. It was one of the 8th cars that finished the race without any major issues. All the 29 other teams had to transport their solar car on a trailer during some moments of the race. 

Measurements: Length: 4.3m - Width: 1.75m - Hight: 1.04m
Weight: Speed: Topspeed 130 km/h - Cruising speed 90 km/h
Body: Carbon
efficiency solar cells: >30%