Umicar Inspire
Team 3

Umicar Inspire <br><small><small> Team 3 </small></smal>

During the 2009 WSC, the Umicar Inspire was driving a fantasic first day, which brought them to a second place out of 31 participants. The aerodynamics of the car was astonishing, they used very little energy to drive at high speeds in the Australian outback. 

It was also the lightest 3 wheel car, making it less heavy while remaining the strength. 

After 380 km, the car was damaged. The team chose to drive back to Darwin instead of Adelaide to minimise the damage to the car.

Measurements: Length 4.3m - Width 1.8m - Hight 1.04m
Weight: Speed: Topspeed 120 km/u, cruising speed of 100 km/u
Engine efficiency: 98% (partly made by the team itself)
Efficiency solar cels: >20%