From Slovenia with DSV.

DSV transported our molds for the production of the next solar car.

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Solar Story
(episode 1)

Our story will be told in a series of small videos. First up, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge! What's it all about?

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13 June 2017

Solar Olympics

The Solar Olympics is a challenge organized for Flemish youngsters to exeriment with solar energy.

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21 May 2017

Longin chooses two pilots for the upcoming BWSC

Longin chooses two pilots for the upcoming BWSC.

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Interview 7: Lander Hollevoet & Adriaan Buntinx

" As the name “production” says, we are responsible for the entire production of the shell of the car and the reinforcement structure."- Lander Hollevoet

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Team Interview 6: Michael Faes & Niels Hawinkel

The Solar Team is a perfect stepping stone to a career in the Formula 1. Read all about their ambitions here!

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Team Interview 5: Robert Kuchera & Jasper Schrijvers.

Participating is more important than winning. But let’s be honest, its way more fun to win. Two members of business relations talk about their function in the team.

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Bert Longin joins us in the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

Article on news site "" published on November, 22 2016.

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Youngsters choose for technology related education.

Article in Flemish newspaper "De Tijd" published on the 13th of October 2016.

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Team Interview 3: Kobe Vandeven and Martijn Schaeken

"The solar team gives you the opportunity to meet new people with other knowledge and experiences. This is especially useful in mechanical systems."

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Suddenly there is a solar car in our school.

Article in Flemish newspaper "HLN" published on the 10th of October 2016.

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Team Interview 2: Hannelore Verhaegen, Business Relations

"I’m used to stand my ground in a field that is mainly dominated by men. " - Hannelore's interview is online now.

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High-performance sustainability with bio-based epichlorohydrin

Article published in October edition JEC magazine. (2016)

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Solar Team Twente wins European Championship for solar cars.

Article published in Flemish newspaper "De Standaard". on September 26, 2016.

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Team Interview 1: Joachim, Team Manager

"Every team needs some chemistry" - Interview with team leader Joachim.

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Kipkoech versus Longin: man against machine

Article published in Flemish newspaper "De Morgen"on november 7, 2016.

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Man versus Machine on the Memorial van Damme

A unique competition between man and machine, driven in a packed stadium. The athlete starts better than us. Will the solar car be able to catch up?

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Solar car provides energy for Pokemon hunters.

Article published in Flemish newspaper "De Morgen" August2, 2016.

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The new race to the sun

New team is selected, we're going for gold!

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