Arrival in Darwin

Arrival in Darwin

Exactly one week ago most of the team members arrived in Darwin after already three team members travelled from Adelaide to Darwin to map the race the other way around. A great moment to write down what we did since we arrived here.


Arrival in Darwin

Given that the car would arrive later, we got some extra time to rest before we would start working again. After a night in a hostel in the center of Darwin, we left to our new workshop for the next month. The workshop is located at the Darwin High School. It is a very spacious hangar that the school uses for storage during the year. The hangar was emptied before our arrival, so we got the space to make it our own. This was also the same hangar the previous team used to prepare their car for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in 2013.

The first day we mostly cleaned out the workshop to prepare it for the arrival of the car. A clean workspace is key to avoid losing stuff.

That same day we got access to our stay for the next month. It’s a house located near the center of Darwin at about 2km distance of our workshop. Next to the cleaning of the workshop we also settled in at the house.


Litchfield Park

Because we had to wait on the arrival of the car, we took the time to get to know Darwin and to go on a little trip.

First we visited the Spectacular Jumping Crocs on Adelaide River. Although the name suggests otherwise, this is a river not that far from Darwin. In this river there are about 10.000 saltwater crocodiles. With a small boat we went on the river. It didn’t take long before the first crocodiles found their way to us. By swinging a rod with some meat at the end, the crocodiles started jumping out of the water. This was a very nice way to see crocs up close.


After watching these animals we got along with our trip to Litchfield Park, a large park at an hour away of Darwin. The nature here was beautiful! Besides seeing huge termite mounds, there were also some gorgeous pieces of nature next to a river where we took the time to take a little swim. Without crocodiles this time. The day off was good for the team.


Finalizing the planning

Before the start of the weekend, we took the time to finalize the planning and divide some work for the arrival of the Punch One. We also had small conversations in the team to reveal possible frustrations and clear the air. It is really important that the team keeps functioning well in Australia. Having these conversations helps.


Arrival Punch One

At last the car was in Darwin! The Punch One arrived at our workshop on Saturday together with all our material. After a half day of work the car was unloaded and the workshop was fully arranged. We did a quick check of the car to see if nothing got damaged during transport and then we started working on the car again.


The rest of the weekend we assembled our battery packs. The reason we only did this now is because it is basically impossible to transport finished battery packs on a plane due to safety reasons. We also did some work on the tail lights and the brakes. We added some lights to improve the intensity and to be sure that the organization approves the visibility of the car.

We ended the weekend with a BBQ together with the three Dutch teams (Solar Team Twente, Solar Team Eindhoven and the Nuon Solar Team from Delft). A nice ending to a good first week.


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