Bert Longin will be a pilot of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team

Bert Longin will be a pilot of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team

Great news: Belgian Nascar driver Bert Longin announced that he will be coming to Australia to drive our solar car during the race. Next to Joren and Dokus he will be our third pilot that will drive in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.


Some previous teams have already tried to attract Longin before. However, due to overlap with Longin’s busy racing schedule with the World Solar Challenge, this never happened. This year however, Longin announced he could participate due to an early stop in the season and we couldn’t be happier to hear this! “With Bert Longin at the wheel we hope to reach the podium this year” says Team Manager Jarno.


Bert also helped us prepare the car for Australia. He gave several tips during our test period back in Belgium so we could refine the car as good as possible.


“I hope my years of experience on the track will offer a substantial contribution to the team and to give tips to the other pilots to drive as efficiently and as fast as possible at the same time,” Longin says. “this is the strongest similarity between my own races, whether the car runs on solar energy or on fuel, the most important thing is to drive as efficiently as possible.”


Longin is enthusiastic to drive our new solar car. “You would not say it, but in our world, a lot of people are talking about this race,” Longin reveals. “Since this is the unofficial World Championship of solar racing, I also see this as a real race for myself and will be prepared to arrive at the start 100% fit, both physically and mentally. I go there to win, since if these students have been giving everything for 15 months for this race, I see it as my duty to give it my all.”


Currently we are doing everything we can to get Punch One as good as possible. Still 9 days to go!