Students of Belgian Solar Team determined to catch up

Students of Belgian Solar Team determined to catch up

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The Punch Powertrain Solar Team got a one hour penalty in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. According to the organization one of the support vehicles abruptly overtook another solar car. The Belgian students disagree with that decision. Despite the penalty, the Belgian solar car is still in fifth position.


The 16 students of the University of Leuven who take part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge had a great start on their third day of racing. They were determined to catch up with the teams in front of them. Unfortunately, at their first control stop they received bad news. They were given a 60 minutes penalty. According to the organization of the race one of the Belgian support vehicles abruptly overtook another team. The students don’t agree and filed appeal against the penalty. “We immediately contacted the support car to ask what happened. Our team members had no clue of what had happened exactly and didn’t know what could have gone wrong during the take over.” says Jarno Van Hemelen, team manager of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team.


After a mandatory stop in Kulgera, the solar car had to serve a one hour penalty. When the car hit the road again, the students immediatly started their pursuit on the leading teams. They drove at 110 kph, the speed limit on that part of the Stuart Highway, for the rest of the day.


We don’t give up

Despite the time penalty the team is still in fifth position, only 14 kilometres behind the Japanese car of Tokai. The Dutch University of Twente is still leading the race chased closely by their fellow counrtymen of TU Delft. The students from the University of Michigan are in third position.

Jarno Van Hemelen, Team Manager: “We won’t give up. There are still a lot of kilometres to come. We are still going full throttle. We got a great performing car so we can’t do anything less than believe in our chances to catch up!”


The Punch One did 675 kilometres today and has 1000 kilometres to go untill they reach the finish in Adelaide.