Team Interviews: Jonas Meyvis

Team Interviews: Jonas Meyvis


--Jonas Meyvis: Monitoring & ICT--


Jonas Meyvis is in his final year of Engineering Sciences Electronics and is responsible for the monitoring and ICT at Punch Powertrain Solar Team

What was your motivation to take part in Punch Powertrain Solar Team?

“Since my youth I have always been interested in technology. That is why I started a professional Bachelor in Electronics at the college of Geel. Afterwards I also wanted to obtain a Master’s degree. I knew that on Campus Group T you could participate in the Solar Team so I explicitly chose the University of Louvain for my Master’s degree. At the start I applied for a function in the team regarding electronics as this came closest to my Bachelor’s degree, but eventually I chose Monitoring and ICT. With this function I could expand my knowledge in electronics.”

What does your function entail?

“In the ICT area, my main focus is the maintenance of our website and our PC infrastructure. My colleagues also call me if there is a bug in the system. Apart from this, I work closely together with Karel, who is responsible for Communication and Events, to update our website with interesting articles.”

What does the monitoring function contain?

“The monitoring function is mainly important during the race itself. Together with Stef, who is responsible for the Strategy of the race, I am in the first follow car after the Solar Car and I communicate with the car. The most important part of my job then is the telemetry of the Solar Car. This means that I can “log in” to the car to read all the electronic data. These parameters are then given to Stef who can analyse them and calculate how the Solar Car can drive as optimally as possible. Especially the speed of the Solar Car is adapted in this way to have it driving as efficiently as possible.”

What are the most important things that you will take away from this experience?

“In my eyes the Solar Team has been a learning experience how to get in touch with companies. You learn to make a first contact with companies and to negotiate on sponsorship deals. This is something that you normally only learn about later on in your career. Apart from this, the teamwork is very important. You learn that everybody has his function, but also their own character, but still you are working together for a common goal. Additionally I am getting a lot of knowledge regarding monitoring and ICT that is a strong addition to the knowledge I already have in electronics.”