Tested and approved

Tested and approved

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Today our solar car, the Punch One, underwent official technical tests. In the lingo, we call testing ‘scrutineering’. The car gets thoroughly examined by race officials. We’ve worked hard in the past weeks to get the car in top shape. We’re very relieved that we passed the scrutineering with flying colours. 

During static scrutineering the organization checks whether the team meets all the regulations and whether the car is safe enough to participate in the race. Batteries, break lights, measurements, stickers…officials check for everything.

We knew the organization was very strict in checking all the rules. At each test the car earned a green or a red sticker. Red meaning there were still some improvements needed to be made. Since some of the top teams scrutineered before us, we knew a lot of red stickers were distributed. You can imagine the nerves were running high.

"The whole team was very nervous today. We almost worked through the night to ensure nothing would go wrong. The scrutineering determines if a team is allowed to start the race or not, so we had to take this seriously.” says one of our pilots Joren.

So yeah, we were excited and a bit relieved when our car got the green light. We’re very proud to be one of the two teams that got no red stickers at all. All green stickers for Punch One!



Let’s tilt it up!

One of the most exciting moments was the tilting of the car. Due to a new rule we were not allowed to detach the solar panel of the rest of the car. In previous editions, we could pick up the panel quite easily to point it to the sun and thus get more solar energy. But that was no option this year. While designing the car, we had to find another way to point the solar panel.

"Every team found his own way to do that. Some tilt the entire car, others just tilt the solar panel," explains Ruben who is responsible for the electronics. "We decided to tilt our entire car. There are only two other teams that do that. So it was quite exciting. "

Luckily the tilting went very smoothly. De car went up easily and we got our green sticker immediately!


Pilots: check!

Our pilots also underwent several tests today.

Bert Login: "During one of the tests we had to prove that we could leave the car quickly enough. That is off course very important in the event of accident. We got 15 seconds to leave the car, but we only needed 8. Conclusion: passed with distinction!”

Now that the car has been approved, we’re officially ready to roll.