We will start as fourth!

We will start as fourth!

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Great news from Down Under: we got fourth during the qualification today. This means that the Punch One will start at fourth position in the Bridgestone World Solar Challege. We are extremely happy with our position and even better: our most important competitors will start behind us!

After 15 months of hard work the epic moment is finally here. At 8am the race will launch here in Darwin. Today all competing teams had to drive a qualification lap, that determined tomorrow’s starting positions.

The past days we practiced the lap a few times. I became clear that race driver Bert Longin would do the qualification laps. It is his speciality of course. He helped adjusting the car so it would be in its finest shape. This way, we could start as prepared as possible.


What an atmosphere!

At Hidden Valley every team has its own pitbox to work on their car. This morning all 45 teams were present at the track. You can imagine how crowded and hectic it was over there. We started the day at ease, but because of the long wait before we could start, the nerves started to come.

At around 11am the organisation called all the top teams to the start line to do their qualification laps. We were in between other teams like Twente, Delft, Tokai… The ambiance was great! All teams had huge flags of their homecountry and when people started cheering or shouting, the others joined real quickly. Our team shout became “Welle knallen, welle winnen!” (Freely translated: We are ready to win!). You will hear this a lot the coming week.


Professional race driver Bert Longin was impressed: “If you see the atmosphere there is at the qualification, it will give you the impression your driving a world championship. Everyone is super excited. This helpes to motivate myself a lot.


2 minutes and 2 seconds

When it finally was our turn, the nerves were really taut. Luckily it was clear that Bert was driving like hell: 2 minutes and 2 seconds at an average speed at 84,6 kph. The releave was great and Bert was excited: “We drove 2’02”, that is the fastest lap we ever did with the Punch One on this track. It was a good lap but there were a few things that could go better. This wouldn’t make that big of a difference”


Because of a good qualification lap we can start fourth tomorrow, which is really great news. Karel Winderickx: “The sooner we can start, the better. Off course this also means that we will have to overtake a lot less teams. The teams in front of us, aren't our biggest competitors. Normally we could easily overtake them. This is an ideal way to start the race.”

The top teams are almost all behind us: Delft, Tokai, Twente. We are ready to go full throttle tomorrow.

1. Clenergy TeamArrow


2. University of Michigan Solar Car Team


3. Western Sydney University Solar Car Project


4. Punch Powertrain Solar Team


5. Team Solaris


6. Tokai University


7. Principia Solar Car Team


8. K.I.T. Yumekobo Solar Car Project


9. GAMF Hungary


10. Solar Team Twente


We are really excited to start the race. You can follow us on: