Wind tunnel testing at Onera

Wind tunnel testing at Onera

With the car up and running and the visit of King Philippe of Belgium behind us, it’s time to test our car. Wind tunnel tests are the first tests the car will undergo.

Aerodynamic losses are the biggest losses a solar car can have. That’s why Tom and Stef, our aerodynamics crew, took a lot of time to develop and optimize the design of the car in the beginning of the project. As the car is finished, it is important to compare our computer simulations to the results we get from wind tunnel tests.

That’s why on Friday morning, after the visit of the King, we brought the Punch One to the French aerospace lab Onera. Because of the width of the door and the height of the entrance of the door, there were some exciting moments to get the car inside. The car was tilted to the side and raised through the door. After a while we got the car inside the tunnel safely.


After we did some first test on Friday, when we brought the car in, the real work could start on Monday. The test proceeded very smoothly and it didn’t take us long to be ahead on schedule. This gave us time to do additional tests to improve the car even more. Because of our progress we had some time on Wednesday to shoot some nice images during testing. Getting the Punch One out of the wind tunnel was as exciting as getting it inside.

We can’t give you the results of our tests. But we can say that we went home with a good feeling. We would also like to thank Onera for their hospitality and their help during the tests. Underneath there are some pictures of the car during testing.