Team 8

Invent. Improve. Inspire.

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Punch Two
Team 7

Inspiring Innovation

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Punch One
Team 6

Perfecting Performance

In the summer of 2014, the newly recruited team of 16 students started designing the Punch One, the sixth Belgian solar car. After technical issues and a time penalty of one hour, the team finished in fifth place.

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Indupol One
Team 5

Performance through Reliability

The Indupol One is the fifth solar car by the Belgian Solar Team. In Australia, the car finished sixth and won the Innovation Award. This solar car also competed in the first Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge, where it became third.

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Umicar Imagine
Team 4

Innovating Energy, Energizing Innovation

The Umicar Imagine, the fourth Belgian solar car, was built in 2011 with highly efficient solar cells and an integrated concentrator system. The car finished tenth out of 37 participants.

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Umicar Inspire
Team 3

Together we create a greener tomorrow

The Umicar Inspire aimed for gold in the World Solar Challenge of 2009. During the race, disaster struck and the solar car was damaged by heavy winds. To minimize damage to the car, the team drove back and did not finish the race.

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Umicar Infinity
Team 2

Transforming Vision into Innovation

The Umicar Infinity took part in the World Solar Challenge of 2007 and took home the second place. Two years earlier, the Belgian team completed their first race without any major issues and finished tenth. This was a good start and sparked enthusiasm...

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Umicar One
Team 1

We don't build a car, we create the Future

The Umicar One was the first solar car made by the Belgian Solar Team. It took part in the 2005 World Solar Challenge and finished tenth out of 22 participants who where competing in the Challenger class. Considering it was the first time we...

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