Umicar Imagine
Team 4

Innovating Energy, Energizing Innovation

The Umicar Imagine, the fourth Belgian solar car, was built in 2011 with highly efficient solar cells and an integrated concentrator system. They were the only team that hereby bypassed the limited amount of solar cells that could be placed on the vehicle. The Umicar Imagine finished tenth out of 37 participants.

This car incorporated top notch technology to enhance performance of the vehicle. It finished the qualifications in sixth place, giving the solar car a good start in the race.

In the first half of the competition, they lost a couple position but managed to recapture them during the second half.

After 2600 kilometers of driving, the Umicar Imagine encountered a technical issue. The batteries got excessively hot and required cooling. This setback cost the team a lot of time.

Finishing tenth wasn't the biggest achievement: the Umicar Imagine was one of the few cars that finished the race without a trailer. Twenty-nine other teams had to transport their solar car on a trailer during some parts of the race.

Length: 4.70 meters
Width: 1.75 meters
Height: 1.04 meters
WEIGHT175 kilograms
SPEEDMaximum: 130 km/hour
Cruising: 90 km/hour


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