Umicar Infinity
Team 2

Umicar Infinity <br><small><small> Team 2 </small></smal>

The Umicar Infinity joined the World Solar Challenge in 2007. The former team members were very ambitious and wanted to win the WSC. The first competition two years earlier, in which the Belgian team completed the race without any major issues, was a good start. By using the information and knowledge gained from this experience, the second team brought the performance to a whole new level. 

In the outback of Australia, our engineers had to be creative with the little material they had. They lifted the solar panel at the right angle towards the sun. The supporting structures to do so, were ladders as you can see in this picture.

The Umicar Infinity taking over another solar vehicle. This happened multiple times during the most successful race (yet) out of the Belgian Solar Team history.

Pure joy when the car crossed the finish line. The second place was a strong message towards all the other competiting teams. The Belgian team aims to win the competition one day and we do have the capabilities to achieve this.

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