Umicar One
Team 1

We don't build a car, we create the Future

10th place at the World Solar Challenge of 2005

The Umicar One was the first solar car made by the Belgian Solar Team. It took part in the 2005 World Solar Challenge and finished tenth out of 22 participants who where competing in the Challenger class. Considering it was the first time we ever competed in Australia, this was an impressive result.

Back then, we still made our frame out of aluminum so this was a relatively heavy car.

The regulations did not limit the amount of solar panels that could be placed on the car. Every possible inch was used, even on the wheel covers.

The race starts in Darwin, in the midst of busy traffic. Pictured below is the Belgian solar car crossing the starting line for the very first time - a historic moment for Belgian solar car racing.

After finishing their race of 3000 kilometers in merely five days, the team celebrated their achievement by jumping in the local fountain. This is now a tradition!

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