Umicar One
Team 1

Umicar One <br><small><small> Team 1 </small></smal>

The Umicar One was the first solar car made by the Belgian Solar Team. It raced in the 2005 World Solar Challenge and ended on a 10th place out of 22 participants who where competing in the Challenger class. Considering it was the first time we ever competed in the officious world championship, this was an impressive result. 

There was no limit on the amount of solar panels that could be placed on the car. No space was left unused, not even the wheel caps. (Visible on the picture below.) 


The race starts on the public roads in Darwin. This picture shows the first Belgian solar car getting ready to start his race: a key moment in Belgian solar racing. 


After the first team completed the 3000 km long race in only 5 days. They had a little celebration in the fountain at the end of the race. 


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