From Slovenia with DSV.

From Slovenia with DSV

During the design phase of the next solar car, more than 500 different aerodynamic models were constructed. The best design was chosen based upon drag resistance. In order to get this value as low as possible, the design was often changed millimeter by millimeter. It’s therefore of great importance that the aerodynamical shape is produced perfectly. This is ensured by molds that fit the chosen design. The molds of the seventh Belgian solar car were made in Slovenia and had to be transported to our production facility in Belgium. And this needs to be done as fast as possible.

DSV Road nv was prepared to provide the transport at three different moments to make sure the molds were transported directly so there wouldn’t be any delay on the production.  DSV Road nv has also done this for the previous team and were immediately prepared to take on the transport of the molds. They help green projects like ours, since they believe it’s their corporate responsibility to help for a better environment. They are also working on tests with the first electrical truck in Germany. Because of this green mindset, they are very enthusiastic to support sustainable projects like the Solar Team.

The contact was always very easy and DSV Road nv was very flexible regarding the transport of the molds. They were prepared to do some last-minute adjustments in the dates of transport to make sure our molds would be on location as soon as possible. If you ask us, the collaboration with DSV Road nv will continue for a long time!

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