Preparing for the extreme

As a solar team, we promote renewable solar energy and electromobility. By using green transport systems, humanity can save enormous amounts of carbon dioxide, aiming for a sustainable future for our planet. As a young, talented team, armed with enthusiasm and wild plans, we want to push the boundaries of technology by challenging ourselves to develop a car that will shape the future of durable mobility. 

With this car, we will race around the globe. In October 2020 we will participate in the Carrera Solar Atacama, which is the most challenging race of them all. In this race, solar vehicles traverse more than 2500 km from Santiago to Arica. The concept may be simple, but building the winning car is a lot more complex than it seems. The rivalry between top teams has pushed many new technologies to the limit, driving innovation in electrical motors, aerodynamics, mechanical optimization, etc. As a team of seven engineering students, we believe we make the difference through focus on innovation. 

Our car, the BluePoint, already a jewel of technology, will be brought to perfection. To win solar car races, only the best of the best is sufficient. During fifteen months we take time to research and refine mechanical parts, streamline aerodynamics and develop a new, disruptive driving strategy.

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