Pieter April

Team Manager

What does an engineer do? Many would say he writes his own story. He doesn’t reproduce an existing design, but invents a totally new product. My personal ambition is to do better than that and to look for a new way to write and tell that story. The Agoria Solar Team came as an ideal opportunity to do so. Breaking away from my regular learning environment to apply and further refine the technical and non-technical skills I acquired there: it’s exactly what I do here.

Being able to develop myself as a member of a highly innovative and multidisciplinary team that sparks one’s imagination after victories in Chile, Australia and Belgium is a unique experience. I still look forward to it every single day as much as I did at the start. The opportunity to lead a team of highly motivated engineering students to one and the same goal will undoubtedly make the coming year one of the most interesting and instructive years of my life. I am convinced that motivation, a tireless pursuit of excellence and a solid social basis are the key to success in our next challenge. As team manager, I will work hard with the team, former team members and our partners towards those three elements. By doing so, we will do everything to keep defending our honour in 2022.


Pieter April

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