Team Australia

20 students form the basis of the Agoria Solar Team. They have fifteen months for the design and the construction of the next solar car, in order to participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge of 2019, the world championship for solar cars.

The eighth team

Modern humanity relies on mobility. Transport systems have significant impacts on the environment, accounting for 20% to 25% of the world energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. This is not sustainable: fundamental changes are needed. As a young, talented team, armed with enthusiasm and wild plans, we want...

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Willem-Jan Claes

Taking the lead of a young, talented team, armed with enthusiasm and wild plans, is a fantastic opportunity for me. Over the next 15 months, we will build a solar car, capable of competing against solar cars from some of the biggest universities from around the world. As team manager, I...

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Inge Habets

As a graduated civil engineer, my degree taught me a lot about building roads, bridges and tunnels, but very little about building cars. I find durable technology very important: building windmill parks out at sea has fascinated me for years, as well as many other fields within...

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Nelis Geurts

Building a solar car in a year and a half with twenty students is a challenge I probably will never face again. This adventure will no doubt be unforgettable and will make me a better engineer. I am responsible for the solar panel. The type of solar cells, positioning and...

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Ine Verhaeren

I never back away from a challenge. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity. I love taking a step into the unknown and to give my all for a project that I believe in. Even better to take this step as part of a team of students that are all just...

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Philip Gepts

Being incredibly privileged to live in a time where technological challenges drive our future, I strongly believe that a healthy mix of twenty high potential engineering students and graduates can thrive in stimulating each other's innovative thinking necessary to...

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Yante Van Ham

External Communications, also know as Public Relations (but that doesn't sound as good, does it?), is a low entry level function. Face it: everyone that can string along a sentence, can write a Facebook post or share a picture on Twitter. If you can use words; you can use social...

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Thomas Danckaert

Designing a winning Solar Car in only a limited amount of time can only be done if the drawing and simulations are done in an efficient way. I hope to boost this efficiency, using the knowledge of IT that I acquired during my studies as Industrial Engineer, Electronics & IT. Apart...

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Bas De Vadder

As a student Industrial Engineering - Electronics, I am responsible for the monitoring of the car and the strategy, together with my teammate Dries. Monitoring & strategy signifies that we need to follow up on the car and visualize everything that's going on inside. This way, we can...

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Cédric Robert

As engineers, we apply our technical expertise to diverse areas, which were mainly chemical applications during my studies. As I will take care of the Business Relations for the coming 15 months, I would like to develop communication expertise. My most challenging task will be to use...

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Cedric D'Haeyer

Ever since I was a child, I've been fascinated by everything related to technology. During the Open Campus days at KU Leuven, a demonstration of the Solar Car made me decide to study Industrial Engineering. It was not a difficult decision to chose a course that could challenge me,...

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Emmerick Vandervelpen

After graduating as an Electromechanics Industrial Engineer, I am honored to be a part of this challenging project. The beauty is that it offers both the opportunity to expand your practical experience and to gain theoretical knowledge. You meet many different people, each an expert...

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Louis David

Having recently graduated as industrial engineer in electrotechnology and automation, I am fascinated with electric propulsion. Being responsible for the motor and the motor controller of the solar car, I am in a position I've dreamt of for years. Within the energy...

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Stijn Govaerts

As a Data Engineer, I primarily take care of our car’s low voltage (“intelligent”) electronics. In addition, I make sure that our team can count on a sturdy IT infrastructure in order to guarantee a smooth workflow. After having finished my Bachelor of Engineering Technology in...

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Dries Ketelslegers

Arriving first in Adelaide after a challenging 3000 km through the vast mainland of Australia in the World Solar Challenge, that is my goal! As strategy, it is my job to transform the beautifully engineered solar car into a winning one and to turn this dream into reality. The next two...

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Bram Everts

With a team of twenty motivated engineering students, we are undertaking the challenge of a lifetime. Together with Nelis and Louis, I am responsible for the High Voltage of the solar car. High Voltage is everything ranging from the power coming from the solar panel, to storing that...

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Joachim Uten

My fascination for aerodynamics originated from several personal experiences, long before the Solar Team even came into the picture. For the last six years, I've been practicing downhill longboarding in my free time. In longboarding, the aerodynamics play an important role, as your...

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Robin Paenen

As master's student Industrial Engineering Electromechanics, I contribute to the team as Mechanical Engineer. Therefore, my two colleagues and I mainly focus on the design, production, assembly and testing of the brakes, as well as the suspension and the steering of the new solar car...

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Pieter Sannen

My fascination for technology has been present ever since I was a young boy. It grew from many technical hobbies such as flying RC planes, building soapbox racers and driving motorcycles, to name a few. Even after graduating with a degree as Electromechanics Industrial Engineer, I...

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Joachim Verschueren

When I started my master’s course on automotive engineering, I had one regret. Too much of what I had studied was too theoretical for my taste. I see my position of mechanical engineer within the Agoria Solar Team as an amazing opportunity to translate my theoretical...

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