Pieter Sannen

Mechanical Engineer

My fascination for technology has been present ever since I was a young boy. It grew from many technical hobbies such as flying RC planes, building soapbox racers and driving motorcycles, to name a few. Even after graduating with a degree as Electromechanics Industrial Engineer, I remain eager to learn. And no better environment for the curious soul than the Solar Team! It offers the opportunity to collaborate with a group of motivated students with the same focus and mindset and to combine our ideas & knowledge into a beautiful showcase of technology. On top of that, it is an interesting feat to be able to do this on a professional level in collaboration with our partner companies. 

Within the team, I work together with Robin and Joachim on the mechanical systems. These are the steering system, the suspension and the brakes. I look forward to work hard for the next year and a half and to aim for a big win in Australia!


Pieter Sannen

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