The eighth team

The eight Agoria Solar Team is ready for the future!

Modern humanity relies on mobility. Transport systems have significant impacts on the environment, accounting for 20% to 25% of the world energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. This is not sustainable: fundamental changes are needed. As a young, talented team, armed with enthusiasm and wild plans, we want to push the boundaries of technology by challenging ourselves to develop a car that will shape the future of durable mobility. Apart from inspiring young minds for a green future, our goal is to develop a solar car capable of winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge of 2019. This is only possible if the team and partners work together seamlessly and push each other to achieve new, unthinkable heights. The combined synergy will be an incubator for the rise of new, renewable technologies

By developing a new solar car that combines the innovative ideas of nineteen bright engineering minds with the best Belgian and international technologies, the team hopes to inspire the entrepreneurial minds of today’s generation. With support from our Belgian and international partners, we are convinced that our team can act as a catalyst in the process of making commercial solar-powered electric vehicles available to the masses. We strive to show the world that Belgium is still on the frontline of innovative technology.

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