Team South Africa

Team South Africa consists of 7 highly motivated engineering students and focuses on upgrading the BluePoint for the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa in September of 2020.

Paul Van Hemeldonck

Guiding a team to innovation in an already optimized race environment is an exciting challenge. Our predecessors have set the tone and have created a jewel of perfection: the technology standards in the car are sky high. But here we are, ready to...

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Romanie Cnockaert

Arriving first in Cape Town: that is our goal! As a strategist, it is my job to transform the beautifully engineered solar car into a winning one and to turn this dream into reality. The next fifteen months are going to be very instructive, adventurous and intense, ...

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Kenneth Goovaerts

All my life I have been interested in the latest technologies and developments in the automotive world. Working on it now, is a dream come true. This year, Romanie and I will be busy preparing the race itself and researching the optimal strategy for it, to try to win our...

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Hendrik Christiaens

When I heard the Agoria Solar Team was recruiting, I didn’t hesitate: this was the challenge I was looking for. As part of a team of seven motivated engineering students, we are preparing the Bluepoint for the Sasol Solar Challenge. Improving an already...

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Emiel Van Praet

After graduating in industrial engineering, I chose to apply to the Agoria Solar Team. It seems to me to be the perfect conclusion: a hands-on experience with a great responsibility. Together with Hendrik & Paul, I am responsible for the motor & ...

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Raf Sevenants

In my first year as an industrial engineering student, the Solar Team introduced itself on KU Leuven campus Group T. I was amazed by what a team of students can achieve during their studies. The next few years I became more and more interested in designing cars...

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Julian Brouwers

After my studies at KU Leuven as an industrial engineer in Electromechanics, I got the honor of being part of a team that has only one goal and that is winning in South Africa. The Bluepoint is the most technological and reliable solar car ever made in Belgium...

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