Composites Engineer

The Project

We contribute to the future of mobility. Innovation has always been our cornerstone to create the best solar car in the world. This year, we are looking for pioneers to challenge the status quo and bring our top-notch solar car to the next level. You will have to go through the process of researching, designing, prototyping and testing your systems together with a group of highly motivated, ambitious students. You will work together with numerous companies and a vast network of Solar Team alumni to develop new innovations. This project will help you become a state of the art engineer! Not convinced yet? Well, as the cherry on top, during the race you will demonstrate your winning car against other solar car teams from all over the world! Which race is yet to be determined, but in the past we have raced in Australia, Chili, Abu Dhabi and Zolder. Have a look on our web page "History", follow us on Social Media and watch a video on our YouTube channel to learn more!

The Function

As a composites engineer, you will learn how the previous cars are composed and where the critical areas of the structural structure are located. You will immerse yourself in relevant literature, learn to work with pervasive simulation software and interact with state-of-the-art companies. All this information will help you to develop new and better production methods to improve the robustness of your innovations. What project you will work on, is up to you and the team, let your imagination run wild!

Your Profile

  • Motivated team player with strong communication skills
  • An entrepreneurial attitude
  • Extended interest in production methods of various composite materials
  • Insights in the topic of strength of materials
  • A hands-on approach to problems
  • Soft skills to initiate collaboration with companies
  • A creative, out-of-the-box mindset
  • A bachelor or master degree in Engineering Science or Engineering Technology
  • Ready to put a lot of time and effort into this project

Our Offer

  • Discover true engineering from concept to execution and measure up to the world class teams
  • Graduate with more experience than any other engineering student
  • Contact and collaborate with leading companies in the industry
  • Broaden your professional network
  • The experience of your lifetime, and so much more!

Interested? Send your resume and motivation letter to

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