Carrera Solar Atacama 2018

Hungry for another challenge, the Punch Powertrain Solar Team is taking part in the Carrera Solar Atacama! Known as the most extreme race for solar cars, the Punch Two is put to the test!


The route takes the teams 2500 km through the Atacama desert. From Santiago, in the middle of Chile, all the way to Arica in the north. Titled as "most extreme race for solar cars", the race has earned the title. Not only is the Atacama desert the driest place in the world, it also has one of the highest percentages of solar irradiance worldwide, which makes it ideal for a solar car race.

Height differences take the teams from 0 meters above sea level, all the way up to 3415 meters. Combined with an ascent/descent of up to 14.8% (compared to the 2% ascent/descent during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge), the Punch Two's old motor was not suited for the challenge. With a new, stronger motor, we're aiming for first place! 

On top of all those challenges, Chili is known to be prone to earthquakes and the organization requires every team to have an earthquake plan in case of emergencies.

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