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Punch Powertrain Solar Team

"Perfecting Performance"

Sixteen students form the basis of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team. They have fifteen months starting from July 2014 for the design and the construction of a solar car, in order to participate in the 2015 World Solar Challenge, the world championship for solar cars.

Armed with a strong dose of enthusiasm, motivation and courage, they all joined the team. Having a common goal in mind, they will work on the sixth Belgian solar car, the Punch One. The expectations are high and the team won't make it easy for their competition and is aiming for a good result.

The team members come from the study paths electro-mechanic and electronic engineering at Group T campus – of the KU Leuven.

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"I am very proud of this team"
- King Philippe of Belgium -
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The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge: Race Overview

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