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Punch Powertrain Solar Team takes home the gold in the most extreme race for solar vehicles

The Belgian Solar Team has written history: the team wins gold in the Carrera Solar Atacama! The Punch 2 was the first to cross the finish line of the most extreme race for solar vehicles. The race took teams on a journey of 2577 kilometers, through the very heart of the Chilean Atacama Desert.

The Carrera Solar Atacama is known to be a big challenge. Not only the intense sun and dry desert climate, but also the extreme altitude variations and strong winds proved to be a challenge for the Belgian team. Climbing over 3400 meters in one day is a challenge for a car that was designed for the flat Australian roads. The team had to adapt and improvise to face the Andes mountain range.

It took the team five days to travel from capital city Santiago to Arica in the North of Chile. 

The team is very proud to have conquered the challenge and we were awarded the gold medal and the Spirit of the Event-award.


26 oktober 2018

Bélgica quedó primero!

(This article is only available in Dutch.)

Ja: het is zo ver, het Belgische Solar Team is eerste geëindigd! We zijn officieel als eerste over de finish van de Carrera Solar Atacama gereden, ver voor de andere teams.

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