Punch Powertrain Solar Team


Punch Powertrain Solar Team

Punch Powertrain Solar Team finishes third and wins the innovation award in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, Australia.


The Belgian Team looks back on a successful participation in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the World Championship for solar car racing in Australia.

After 5 days of driving over a stretch of more than 3000 kilometers, the 'Punch 2' crossed the finish line in Adelaide. More than 40 university teams from all over the world took part with their solar car. The Dutch team from the TU Delft was able to win the World Cup for the seventh time. The American team from the University of Michigan ended up in second place just before 'Punch 2' from the Punch Powertrain Solar Team.

At the closing ceremony, the Belgian team got rewarded with the much-coveted innovation prize. The Punch 2 uses the sail effect in an ingenious way by turning the car in its entirety in relation to the direction of travel. This allows the car to drive more efficiently in strong side winds.

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For a timespan of 1.5 years the "Punch 2" was designed, built and tested by 21 engineering students. During this period we were able to count on more than 150 partners who were always willing to take on the most diverse challenges together with us. Many thanks to all our partners! We greatly value your support.

05 oktober 2018

¡Estamos en Chile!

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¡Estamos en Chile!
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