Production of the tenth Belgian solar car begins

Feb. 16 - Today, the Innoptus Solar Team starts building the tenth Belgian solar car. In the coming months, the KU Leuven students will mainly be found in the production hall of Indupol International NV in Arendonk. Afterwards, this solar car will be extensively tested so that it is completely ready for the world championships in Australia in October.

Production of the solar car

After five intensive months during which team members designed and simulated their newest solar car, its production can finally begin. The production of a high-tech solar car involves a lot of work. Fortunately, they are allowed to use the production hall of their partner Indupol for this purpose. For the Leuven students, this is a moment they have been looking forward to for a long time.

After production, the solar car will be assembled and extensively tested to be fully ready for the World Championships in Australia.

End goal

he end goal is very clear; to win the World Championships in Australia. In September, the engineering students will head to Darwin, where they will further prepare for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, which continues from Oct. 20 to 27. The last edition of the World Championships went on in 2019. Back then, the team was able to secure first place. With their newest solar car, they will have to travel 3021 km through the Australian Outback in hopes of once again arriving first in Adelaide.

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