14 October 2019

Sailing to third place


There has been a shift in the top 4, this because we have imposed a high pace since the beginning of the day. "It feels great to pass another team and hold on to third place," says Willem-Jan Claes, our team leader. "We've already passed one Dutch team, two more to go! We are firmly in third place with a lead of about 30 kilometres and we are also getting closer to second place.


We have an advantage over the front runners, because we have further optimised our system to sail on the wind. A solar car is made as light as possible to be more efficient. This can cause the car to sway on the road due to high crosswinds. If this happens, the solar car has to slow down in order to be more stable. "Because I can aim the car with the nose in the wind, I feel the crosswind less and I can drive more stable", says Nelis Geurts, pilot. This ensures that we don't have to slow down in order to drive stable. "We also get an extra push in the back", Nelis continues. We are convinced that this advantage can bring us to first place.

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