Annelies De Geeter

Race strategist engineer

As a strategist, I am responsible for getting the best out of the solar car in order to win the upcoming races. This includes monitoring all components of the solar car during the race, such as available and incoming energy, temperature of the engine and brakes et cetera. Furthermore, I make a strategy to ensure that we are the first and the best, based on the route of the race, the weather and the capabilities of the solar car and our team.

I also advise my team members on major design decisions and make sure the team and the solar car are ready for our big goal: the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia!

I look forward to enriching my knowledge in green energy and technology. With creativity and innovative ideas, I hope, together with my team, to push boundaries for the future and inspire (young) people to do the same.

Annelies De Geeter

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