Stijn Vos

Aerodynamics engineer

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been intrigued by everything that has to do with science, especially the aero-space industry. At night, I used to dream about riding a rocket to the moon and during the day, I couldn’t help but be amazed by the airplanes flying over my head. In fact, I still can’t. Isn’t it just fascinating how something so futile as air can make massive objects soar through the sky like it is nothing?

As someone who is constantly looking for challenge and innovation, it really is a dream come true to be a part of the Belgium Solar Team. For the next two years Mick, Vincent and I will be responsible for the aerodynamics of the car. This means that we will design a streamlined body in order to reduce drag as much as possible. Together with 17 other likeminded students we strive to make the fastest solar car yet to prolong our world title in Australia!

“It’s in the nature of the human being to face challenges. We’re required to do these things, just as a salmon swims upstream.” ~ Neil Armstrong ~

Stijn Vos

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