The various vacancies for which you could apply can be found below! 

Team Leader

As a team leader, you guide the project in the right direction and oversee the well-being of the team.

Race Strategist

Using a significant amount of data, you determine an optimal strategy that the solar car will follow during the race.

Digital Twin

You are responsible for gathering knowledge about the car through models, simulations, and tests.

Electronics Engineer

Electronics encompasses all electronics, communication devices, and sensors integrated into the solar car.

High Voltage Engineer

High Voltage manufactures the motor, battery, and solar panel of the solar car.

Aerodynamics Engineer

As an Aerodynamic Engineer, you design the streamlined outer shape of the new solar car.

Structural Engineer

You design a strong and rigid structure for the solar car that is also lightweight and manufacturable.

Production Engineer

You are responsible for material selection, mold design, and the production of the solar car.

Mechanical Engineer

As a mechanical engineer, you design systems such as the suspension and steering system of the solar car.

Business Relations

The acquisition and maintenance of partners are vital.

External Relations

You represent what the Solar Team stands for and communicate it in a professional manner to the public.


All financial resources acquired by Business Relations need to be managed. You are responsible for this.


As logistics responsable, you ensure that both the solar car and the workshop equipment safely reach Australia.


You organize various events, including the Solar Olympiade, partner events, and the car reveal.

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