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With pride, we present to you the Infinite, the tenth Belgian solar car of the Innoptus Solar Team. Untill now it is the most aerodynamic solar car ever built in the history of the Solar Team, featuring a state-of-the-art battery pack and an ultra-efficient motor. Both components were produced in-house. With this car, the team brought home their second world championship title in Australia during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. In 2024 the belgian Solar Team wil take on the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa for the second time. The Infinite will be ready with new innovations and modification for the most extreme solar challenge!


DIMENSIONS5m x 1,187m x 0,909m (without wheels)
NUMBER OF WHEELS3 wheels (two at the front, one at the back)
TOP SPEED170 km/h
WEIGHT160 kg without pilot
BATTERY900 km autonomy (from Brussels to the south of France)
MOTORSelf-made with an efficiency of 98,3%
SOLAR PANEL4m², 257 sillicium cells, providing a total of 1250 W
BODYUltra-lightweight and rigid carbon fiber structure
BRAKINGRegenerative and mechanical brakes


Thanks to our self-designed battery pack, the solar car can travel up to 900 kilometers without relying on solar energy, which is equivalent to the distance from Brussels to the south of France in a straight line. Furthermore, our electric motor, named Athena, is also self-designed and surpasses the motors available in the market. We have engineered a motor with a peak efficiency of 98.3%, which is 2% higher than that of the automaker Tesla and 40% higher than a traditional combustion engine.


This year, significant efforts were made to minimize the weight of each mechanical component without compromising reliability. Additionally, meticulous calculations were performed to determine the optimal positioning of each layer of carbon fiber used to construct the exterior of the car.

The Infinite is the narrowest Belgian solar car ever built and more streamlined than all its predecessors. As a result, the car consumes less energy, allowing for faster speeds during the race.

The team members have also worked on an innovative design for a fin. This is a wing profile situated on top of the car's cockpit and can be deployed in crosswinds. This allows the car to sail with the wind and consume up to four times less energy. It is the first time the fin will be utilized in Australia and can provide a significant competitive advantage for the team.


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