30 November 2020

No race in South Africa

The outbreak of the coronavirus has introduced a lot of changes in the past year, and this was no different for our team. For more than a year, our team has been working towards the SASOL Solar Challenge, a race of more than 4,000 kilometers across South Africa. This unique race, which we would participate in for the very first time, was originally scheduled to take place in September 2020 but was postponed to February 2021 in March.

Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the further course of the current pandemic, our team was faced with a difficult decision last month. With the health of both ourselves and the other teams in mind, our team made the decision to not participate in the SASOL Solar Challenge in South Africa.

We are immensely grateful for all the support and help in the past months from both our partners and the followers of our project in the lead up to this race, and thank you for your understanding in these exceptional times.

Team South Africa prepared for a year for the SASOL Solar Challenge, an 8-day race in which participating teams would cover more than 4000 kilometers.

Thanks to several improvements to the BluePoint, our team won the European Championship in 2020 and were the favourites to win the race in South Africa. 

This change in planning certainly does not mean that our team will be idle in the coming months, quite the contrary. The team will now fully focus on designing and building the ninth Belgian solar car! With this new solar car, we will participate in the world championship in Australia in October 2021 to defend our world title.

The World Championship or the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a biennial race in which teams from universities from all over the world compete to traverse the Australian outback in as little time as possible.

Curious about how we will build this car, stay tuned!



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