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Are you wondering what it is like to participate in an international Solar Challenge? Be inspired by the videos below!

[17:34] - Recap of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023

[03:40] - Recap of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019

This short recap nicely sums up the team's gains in three astonishing minutes. A nice introduction to the world of solar racing!

[18:48] - Documentary about the BWSC 2019

This documentary follows the team for five days during the World Cup in Australia. The daily challenges are discussed in detail. You can think of this documentary as an extended version of the short recap above!

[11:51] - Winning the ASC 2018 in Chile

Het team neemt niet enkel deel aan de race in Australië! Zo heeft het team in het verleden al deelgenomen aan races in België, Chili en Saudi-Arabië. Bekijk hieronder een samenvatting van de race in Chili, waar het team hun eerste overwinning ooit behaalde!

[6 x 20:00] - YouTube Originals series about the World Solar Challenge

Solar racing is a global phenomenon. A year after the World Solar Challenge, YouTube released a six-part series about the World Solar Challenge. With more than 10 million viewers in the first month, you are assured that it is a beautiful series, ideal for the block!

Meer video's from different Solar Challenges and older solar cars can be found on the YouTube channel of the team.

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