22 November 2020

Agoria Solar Team opens tenth edition of the Day of Science

On Sunday 22 November, the Agoria Solar Team opened the live show of the tenth edition of the Day of Science. A special anniversary edition, because the Day of Science took place completely online for the very first time. Pilot Ruben Van Acker was present with our last car, the BluePoint, on the set in Technopolis to talk more about solar cars and sustainable mobility.

Special 10th edition

For the tenth time in a row, this Sunday was the Day of Science, an initiative of the Flemish Government coordinated annually by Technopolis. It was a special anniversary edition this year because for the first time ever, the Day of Science took place entirely digitally. Through a large live show from Technopolis with Frank Deboosere and Sarah Mouhamou, among others, families from all over Flanders and Brussels could enjoy a day full of discovery and experimentation, all from the comfort of their seats at home.

The BluePoint, our last solar car, was also present at the live show. Pilot Ruben Van Acker was the first act after the welcome speech by Hilde Crevits (Flemish Minister) and Stephane Berghmans (CEO Technopolis). The solar car of the Belgian Solar Team, which won the world championship in the autumn of 2019, fitted in very well with the central theme 'sustainability' of the Day of Science. Solar cars are a fine application of science, showing what is possible with the latest technologies and renewable energy. Pilot Ruben explained with the help of the BluePoint what makes solar cars so unique, and why they could well be the mobility of the future.

Fully digital

Thanks to the online platform of the Day of Science, the event was able to find an interpretation in this unusual year. With an extensive range of more than 500 digital activities for young and old from different themes, there was something for everyone. And with success, as more than 42,000 Flemings participated in the digital event.

"The interest in this online event confirms once again that the Day of Science is an established value for both young and old in Brussels and Flanders. Even in times of corona, people take the time to immerse themselves for a whole day in the wonderful world of science" says pilot Ruben Van Acker.

The Agoria Solar Team also made use of the online platform, exhibiting their workshop in a digital guided tour for the first time ever. In this tour, team member Ruben Holsbeekx takes visitors through the various areas where the solar cars are designed and built.

"This digital edition of the Day of Science offers families the chance to look at places they would otherwise never go, such as our workshop in Leuven where the Agoria Solar Team is building the ninth Belgian solar car", says Ruben Holsbeekx.

The Leuven student team that has been building cars since 2005 is currently working on their ninth solar car. With this car, they will participate in the world championship in Australia in October 2021 to defend their world title.

Watch the digital tour of our workshop here (Dutch)

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