18 September 2019

First testing day in Australia

The BluePoint out on the test track

After the arrival of our solar car in Darwin, we immediately got to work to get the BluePoint ready before we would drive the first test kilometers. About a week and a half later, the car was completely ready to go to the track. At the moment, the tests are done on a runway because the BluePoint has not yet been scrutineered and is not allowed to drive on the public road.

Yesterday we got an exceptional opportunity: Solar Team Eindhoven wanted to share the race track they normally test on. This allowed us to test at Hidden Valley, the circuit where the qualifying round will also take place on Saturday the 12th of October. 

 Last week, the solar car got a complete check-up in preparation of testing.

The support vehicles were also prepared this week. Their most eye-catching feature are the stickers, that allows us to put our partners in the spotlight during the race.

Week two in Australia

After more than a week in Australia, we found our daily routine. We interchange hard work & testing with team meals & fun activities!

Joachim is our chef and makes food every day together with a different team member. We know one thing for sure: there will always be good food!

Every meal we make time to eat together with the whole team.

The first day of testing was also the first time that our pilots drove the BluePoint in the Australian heat.

In Belgium, the BluePoint was always transported in a closed trailer. Our Australian trailer is open and the first time driving it with the BluePoint was stressful.

On Saturday, we were invited to a BBQ with the Dutch teams currently in Darwin. It felt great to catch up with the other teams & talk about the first weeks in Australia!

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