Punch 2 arrived in Australia!

We've arrived in Australia, time for a new update! We've had our last teambuilding in Belgium right before we left to Australia. The flight was good and we immediately started working once we arrived. Read this article to get to know more about our adventure!


Teambuilding at Stafort

The solar car left to Australia on the 22nd of August, which meant that we couldn't continue working on our beloved Punch 2. We therefore did a teambuilding at Stafort in Stabroek. We played a game of archery tag and ended our day with a BBQ! 


The journey

3 team members left to Australia on the first of September. They flew from Düsseldorf to Adelaide to drive the race from finish to start. By exploring the entire route and making notes off all remarkable conditions on the road, they were able to plan the race. They arrived safely in our bed & breakfast in Darwin after four long days. The other team members left to Australia on the 6th of September. The entire trip took 27 hours and everybody arrived after our nervous first drive on the "wrong" side of the road.


A smooth transport

The entire team stays in Darwin in a great Bed and Breakfast in which we have all our meals together and do daily briefings. The 7th of September was a busy day as we've started unpacking all the gear we've transported by plane and boat. The tension was almost killing us when the crate with Punch 2 arrived. Did everything go according to plan? Was Punch 2 still in the same shape as when we left it? We've unloaded the truck and saw that everything was fine! We were ready to start building our solar car! 



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