28 October 2007

Race Report BWSC 2007

The Umicar Infinity took part in the World Solar Challenge of 2007. Two years earlier, the Belgian team completed their first race with the Umicar One without any major issues and finished tenth. This was a good start and sparked enthusiasm in the second team. By using the information and knowledge gained from this experience, the Umicar Infinity brought their performance to a whole new level and finished second in the race in Australia.

In the Australian outback, the team had to be creative with the material they had. They rotated the solar panel at the angle towards the sun, to optimize the energy intake. Ladders were used as supporting structures.

Below, we see the Umicar Infinity passing another solar vehicle, with a surprise visit from a media helicopter.

The team felt pure joy when the car crossed the finish line. Winning second place was a strong message towards all other competing teams: the Belgians aim to win the competition and we have the skills to do so!

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