Sasol Solar Challenge

The Sasol Solar Challenge takes place every two years in South-Africa. It is one of the most strategically challenging races in the solar car world, because of its unique concept: instead of driving a fixed distance as fast as possible, the goal is to drive as as many kilometers in eight days.

Each race day is called a Stage. Teams have to start the race day in one city and end in another; along the route, the teams can choose to add extra loops and so extra kilometers to their total. There is one catch: they have to make it to the finish line of that day before 5 PM, otherwise they lose points. It does bring some advantages: as all teams have to make it to the same city by the end of the day, the organization can set up showers and toilets - way better camping conditions than we're used to!

The Sasol Solar Challenge also has two special Stages: Blind Stages and Marathon Stages. During Blind Stage days, the teams don't know the route they'll be driving until a few hours before departure, forcing the teams to strategize on the go. As for the Marathon Stage, teams will have to drive a longer distance than on other days. The total trajectory also changes every two years, requiring the teams to think on their feet and adjust to the new terrain.

With so many new challenges, this race puts a lot of pressure on our strategists' shoulders. We will participate in the Sasol Solar Challenge for the very first time in February of 2021 (postponed from September 2020) - and we're aiming for another first place title! You can follow our journey to South Africa on our social media channels: FacebookInstagramLinkedIn & Twitter.

Want to find out more about the Sasol Solar Challenge? Take a look at the official website!

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