Vincent Mertens

Aerodynamics engineer

We are not always aware of it, but the flow of air is ever present around us. It's only when we're running late for an appointment that we notice how hard we have to pedal on our bike. There can't always be a headwind, right? This "invisible" drag results from the fact that we are always moving in the air of the atmosphere.

An aerodynamic engineer tries to predict these air currents in order to minimize the drag of a vehicle. Together with Mick and Stijn, I will try to minimize the aerodynamic drag of the solar car. In this way, we will contribute to the solar car driving over the finish line as fast as possible!
Of course, this is a long-term project, and a close team is needed to reach the final goal. It is a dream to work with this group of motivated people. No doubt we will all be very challenged, but I hope that in 20 years we will still be able to talk about this incredible experience with the Solar Team!

Vincent Mertens

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