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The BluePoint is the eighth Belgian solar car and was built in 2018 to 2020. The car was constructed for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge of 2019 where it finished first, bringing home the first title of world champion in the history of the our Solar Team. In september of 2020, the BluePoint took part in the iLumen European Solar Challenge, where it also finished first.


MASS135 kg
TOP SPEED130 km/h
BATTERY AUTONOMY600 km without sun
SOLAR CELLS2.64 m² of Azurspace multi-junction cells
MOTORMitsuba in-wheel direct drive motor
BATTERY20 kg li-ion cells with a capacity of 5300 Wh
BODYTEI carbon fiber, reinforced with Dupont Kevlar fibers
SUSPENSIONDouble wishbone
STEERINGFour-wheel steering with crabbing system
BRAKINGRegenerative & mechanical braking


To achieve for the most energy-efficient vehicle possible, more than six months were invested in aerodynamic simulations to reduce the total air friction. This resulted in what might very well be the most efficient Belgian vehicle ever: in a race of over 3000 kilometers, the car uses an amount of energy equivalent to 7 liters of Diesel fuel.


For the first time in the history of the Belgian Solar Team, the BluePoint's solar panel was made in-house by our electrical engineers. It carries space-grade multi-junction solar cells, which have a theoretical efficiency of about 30%. While they are very efficient, these cells are also rather fragile to install, and are therefore used mainly for aerospace applications - and solar cars.


The BluePoint has a unique steering mechanism, pioneered by the Belgian Solar Team in its seventh solar car, Punch 2. Commonly referred to as the Crabbing System, the innovation allows the solar car to dynamically rotate its nose towards the wind while driving, as to reduce the instability and air friction caused by side winds.



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