11 September 2019

Arrived in Australia!

Want to follow our journey through the Australian outback? More information can be found here.

To the other side of the world

The team was reunited in Darwin, Australia; four team members flew to Australia earlier to explore the route, while the other 15 team members flew straight to Darwin.

Since the very beginning of the project, we have been counting down the days to the beginning of September, to finally depart to Australia for the start of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Last week, the day finally came and we left Belgium for unknown territories! We arrived in Darwin, Australia, where in a little over a month we will start the race. The BluePoint arrived exactly one day later, and the relief was great when the car turned out to be undamaged. After unloading all equipment and setting up the workshop, we got to work: we're working on our final preparations before we can start testing in Australia.

The moment right after lifting the BluePoint's cover.

The crates containing the BluePoint, tools and spare materials were dropped off at our doorstep by a truck that came all the way from Sydney. We had a lot of fun unpacking, as we couldn't wait to get to work!

Our first days in Australia

Although we needed some time to recover from the jetlag and get used to the warm weather, we couldn't have started our first week any better.


Some team members drove from finish to start to explore the route in the opposite direction. Along the route, they visited Top Dutch Solar Racing, a Dutch team. 

The evening before the arrival of the BluePoint, the team went out to enjoy the sunset on the beach. 

As the electric screwdrivers were still in the boxes, they had to be opened manually. 

Some team members couldn't wait to see the solar car again.

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